Vatronic 200c

Vacuum sealing machine for vacuum tins. Able to be modified quickly and easily for different in size. Modern electronics ensure a clean, controlled and reproducible sealing of tins. The sealing machine including built in antioxidant spraying, nitrogen flushing and crimping device. The whole sealing process executes automatically by pressing the button.

Tecnical Data :

Capacity   up to 400 cans / h
Cover magazine   changable, app. 80 lids
Gas flashing device   built in
Spraying device   built in
Crimping device   built in
Vacuum pump   built in
Power connection   380V / 6A
Air consumption   16 m3/h at 6 Bar
Pneumatic connection   1/2" at 6 Bar
Machine dimensions   1000 / 1000 / 1600 mm
Machine weight   app. 400 kg
Varnish coating   petro resistent
Colour   blue
Options   explosion protected


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